Working as a professional baker and decorator, I had the opportunity to make all sorts of delicious and beautiful goods - everything from cakes and pies to pastries and confections.  One day when a customer asked me to make decorated sugar cookies, I was instantly captivated.  The precision and meticulous attention to detail required for cookie decorating were the very elements that attracted me to baking in the first place.  The limitless creative opportunities brought out an artistic side I never knew I had.  For me, it was the perfect balance.  I started Aproned Artist to continue this passion.


Gourmet goods start with high quality ingredients. I use only the best products available. Fresh organic eggs, organic unbleached flour, and premium butter and flavorings combine to make a cookie as delicious as it is beautiful.


Aproned Artist is operated as a Cottage Food Operation (CFO). I am licensed and permitted by Santa Clara County, CA to bake from my residential kitchen.